General Qualities & Characteristics

MEX hydro Lube is a range of superior quality antiwar type hydraulic oils blended from high quality base stocks selected additives formulated primarily as heavy duty, antiwar hydraulic oils with excellent water separating characteristics. They are suitable for use in most modern hydraulic control systems incorporating a wide variety of pump design. Their excellent performance characteristics as hydraulic oils also make them equally suitable as lubricating oils in a wide range of industrial applications.

Application Requirements :- In modern high pressure hydraulic systems, articulary those incorporating vane type pumps, high metal-to-metal pressures can result in a breakdown of the fluid lubricating oil film with consequent high and unacceptable wear rates. The special zic / phosphorus antiwar additive incorporated in mex hydro lube prevents such excessive wear and ensures long pump and valve life. mex hydro lube and offers excellent air release properties. It also has excellent water separation properties for damp conditions caused by water leakage or condensation through reservoir breather pipes.

Recommendations :- Mex hydro lube is recommended in vane, axial piston, gear and other types of hydraulic pumps and motors at oil pressures in the range of 69 - 345 bar (1,000 - 5,000 PSI), It may be used in a wide variety of applications including airline lubricators, bearings, high speed spindles, hydrostatic transmissions, hydraulic couplings and some gear units, it has many uses in construction plant equipment, machine tools and general industrial equipment and the heavier viscosity grades may be used for gear lubrication where an EP type gear oil is not required. The appropriate mex hydro lube viscosity grades should be determined by the equipment manufactures recommendations.

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