General Qualities & Characteristics

MEX Fridge Oil is a range of premium quality, mineral oils for the lubrication of refrigeration and air-conitioning compressors when refrigerants other than HFCs (hydro fluorocarbons) are used. Made from special, narrow-cut naphtenic oils, practically wax-free, for extremely low pour and floc points. They meet the specification requirements of DIN 51503 KC and British Standards BS 2626:1975 In addition they also meet the specification requirements of IS 4578 - 1968 and carrier corporation, USAPP46-1.

Application Requirements : The lubricants to be used in refrigeration and air-conditon compressor must have very low pour and freon floc points to prevents loss of fluidity and formation of wax deposits at the low temperatures they work on. They also must have long oil service life through excellent oxidation stability and must protect the equipment reliably and efficiently. They also must minimize formation of gums, varnish and other sludge deposits, besides minimizing carry-over by resisting foaming.

Recommendations : Mex fridger Oil is recommended for use in reciprocating and rotary refrigeration and air conditioning compressors. They low Freon floc permits the operation of these systems at very low evaporator temperatures. Mex Fridger Oil is suitable for use a wide range of refrigerants including ammonia, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, methylene chloride and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) like R-12 and R - 22.

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