General Qualities & Characteristics

Di-Electric Fluid Mex EDM 250 is a special fluid, developed by Mex Oil for Electrical discharge machines utilized to produce very fine and intricate cuts and profiles. EDM 250 works very well when machining graphite electrodes.

• Di-electric fluid in electrical discharge machining operations.
• Electrical discharge machining in the tool and die industry.
• Electrical discharge machining in th mold industry.
• Medical, computer and aerospace industries.
• Manufacturing of air craft components, valves, regulators, hardware, tools, etc...

Performance Futures & Benefits: Approved for use in nuclear facilities. Reduces DC Arcing, Reduced chances of fire due to high flash point, Longer Fluid life. Proven field performance , More rapid flushing at point of cut because of a lower viscosity, Cleaner and clearer, High API gravity allows rapid settling of particles in filter, Extremely low odour levels from EDM 250 at the time of initial fill and after many hundreds of working hours, Environmentally safer due to the worker's health at the aromatic and sulphur content are almost undetectable under laboratory conditions versus your typical EDM fluids now in use, Reduced polishing time of molds because of higher dielectric strength.