General Qualities & Characteristics

Industrial Gear Oils is a range of light colored premium quality heavy duty industrial gear oil, which have been developed for the lubrication of enclosed gears working under severe operating conditions. They are formulated form the highest quality paraffinic base oil and incorporate Sulfur-Phosphorus type Extreme Pressure and other agents that provide excellent protection against foaming, rust and corrosion.

Application Requirements : Modern, highly rated industrial gear unit friendly have high tooth loadings resulting from the transmission of greater power through smaller and more compact units. Consequently, gear oil must have superior load carrying and friction reducing properties together with high existence to oxidation. Mex Ind. gear ensures optimum gear wear characteristics and protection against rust and corrosion. The Sulfur-Phosporus agent is resistant to chemical degradation due to the effects of heat and allows.

Recommendations: Mex industrial. gear is primarily recommended for enclosed industrial gear units operating under severe shock loading condition. They may be used in enclosed spur, helical, and worm gears, their frictional characteristics are particularly beneficial in worm gears.

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