General Qualities & Characteristics

Mex white oil are highly refined medicinal food grade oils and are manufactured to meet rigorous standards laid down in pharmacopoeias.

Product Applications :
•   For cosmetic industry for use in brilliantine, creams, hair tonics,
•   Industrial skin protectors, massage oil, Nail polish, shampoos, Sun tan Oil etc.
•   For drug industry for use in baby oils and creams, bactericide, laxative emulsions, penicillin, nose sprays, oinment etc.
•   For Dairy industry for cheese curing and cleaning
•   In can industry as cleaning agent, fruit and vegetables as protective coating, as egg shell sealant for egg preservation
•   As dusting oil for starch processing, scouring, paper, grain industry, furniture industry and animal feed concentrates
•   As lubricant for food processing machinery
•   As extender for plasticizer industry.

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MEX WHITE OILS are available in various ISO VG viscometrics depending upon the specific requirements.