General Qualities & Characteristics

MEX Rotospin is a range of high quality spindle lubricants for use on modern textile machines. Manufactured from the highest quality base stocks and ashless addivitives, it reduces spindle wear, protects against rust and may be easily removed by washing if textile contamination occurs.

Application Requirements : Modern textile machine spindles work at high speeds and high loads. With conventional spindle
lubricants, sludge, carbonaceous deposits and excessive spindle wear can occur. Mex rotospin has been formulated with special
additives to reduce the formation of harmful deposits. It reduces power consumption and protects spindle surface from rust and
corrosion. The low coefficents of static and kinetic friction of Mex rotospin reduces starting torque and operating temperatures,
which further reduces power consumption. Mex rotospin is approved by Hino Motors.

Recommendations: Mex rotospin is recommended for the lubrication of high speed spindles in textile industry. Should contamination occur, Mex rotospin can be removed by washing and will not usually interfere with the subsequent processing and dyeing of textiles. Mex rotospin is also recommended as a machine tool spindle oil where low visocosity R&O type lubricants are specified.

MEX Rotospin Offers
 Exceptional resistance to oxidation and deposit formation                                  Easy start-up and minimum power loss
 Protection against rust and corrosion.                                                                  Easy removal of textile contamination by washing,