General Qualities & Characteristics

MEX Meta Quench Oil are general purpose straight mineral quenching oil manufactured from selected crudes of the paraffin type. These grades are refined by an exclusive finishing process an advanced hydrogen refining process which enhances the high resistance to oxidation, long service life and low carbon residue of these quenching oils. Meets the requirements of IS 2664-1980, Straight mineral oils.

MEX Requirements : Although fast quenching oil are required for many applications most oil quenching is still performed in conventional, oil of the type exemplified by MEX Meta Quench Oils. With conventional oil, the quenching actions is characterized by a vapor blanket stage which is characterized by a vapor blanket stage which is fairly short, along with a boiling stage that ceases to function at a temperature which is in the vicinity of the Ms point for many steels. The third stage, which begins when boiling stops, lasts longer than does that of water and accounts for the tendency of mineral quenching oil to cause minimum distortion.

MEX Recommendations : Choice of proper quenching oil depends on the analysis of the steel being treated, the hardness desired, the shape and size of the piece, the analysis of the quenching systems and the degree of agitation employed - to name a few of the important variables.

MEX Meta Quench Oil 22 and 33 are recommended for heat treating high harden ability point resistance to oxidation of these oil provides unifor hardening with minimum discoloration, improved grain structure, and long bath life.

MEX Meta Quench 68 meets the specifications of (IS 2664 1980) straight mineral, heavy type