Industrial White Oils

General Qualities & Characteristics

Mex white oils are highly refined medicinal food grade oils and are manufactured to meet rigorous standards laid down in pharmacopoeias.

Product Applications :

  1. For cosmetic industry for use in brilliantine, creams, hair tonics,
  2. Industrial skin protectors, massage oil, Nail polish, shampoos, Sun tan Oil etc.
  3. For drug industry for use in baby oils and creams, bactericide, laxative emulsions, penicillin, nose sprays, oinment etc.
  4. For Dairy industry for cheese curing and cleaning
  5. In can industry as cleaning agent, fruit and vegetables as protective coating, as egg shell sealant for egg preservation
  6. As dusting oil for starch processing, scouring, paper, grain industry, furniture industry and animal feed concentrates
  7. As lubricant for food processing machinery
  8. As extender for plasticizer industry.

Mex WHITE OILS are available in various ISO VG viscometrics depending upon the specific requirements.

Construction Equipment Oils

Packaging Options: Mexicolubes is offered in 26, 50 and 210 Liter & Bulk Supply.