Straight Cutting Fluids

General Qualities & Characteristics

Cutting Oil are intended for lubrication and cooling of metal surface during metal cutting operations. "Neat" cutting oil are different from"soluble" cutting oil in that the former is immiscible with water. Cutting Oils Containing 'Free' sulphur would not be suitable for non-ferrous metals in view of the staining of the latter. Cutting Oil intended for nonferrous metals are mineral oils with or without added fatty oil, and the fatty oil may also be sulphurised in order to provide Extreme Pressure (E.P.) Properties but does not contain any free sulfur. Accordingly, there are three types of Neat cutting Oil. (as per bureau of Indian Standards.

Type 1 :

Mineral oil without added sulphur, having different viscosities, depending on the addition of fatty oil and intended for general machining of mild brass steel, brass and light alloys.

Type 2:

Mineral oil blended with sulphurised fatty oils which is non-staining and intended for use with non-ferrous metals and varying in viscosity.

Type 3:

Sulphurised mineral oil which is staining and intended for use with ferrous metals and only. Neat Cut differ mainly in their content of fatty oil and their content of sulphurised additives has lesser SAP and more additives, is recommended for heavy duty, high speed load conditions for low speed, low load versions of same combination of the material-tool-and-machine.

Oil Industries

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