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Metal Drawing Compounds

General Qualities & Characteristics

Description : Mex Wire Draw Oil Series is premium quality aluminum wire drawing oil with different viscosity grade to suit various aluminum wire drawing applications. Mex wire draw oil is fortified modifier, lubricity and film strength additives.


More suitable for aluminum (pure and alloy) wire drawing for electrical and mechanical applications. Low viscosity grades are more suitable for high speed wire drawing where as higher viscosity grade oil are recommended for low speed aluminum wire drawing applications. Aluminum product finishing is expected to be better in terms of quality and appearance.


  1. Improved cooling
  2. Extended tool life.
  3. Better sediment separation
  4. Improved Lubricity
  5. Good film strength
  6. Excellent finishing
  7. mexicolubes

    Packaging Options: Mexicolubes is offered in 26, 50 and 210 Liter & Bulk Supply.